Welcome to Lemurian Springs

Lemurian Springs Water is not just your average H2O….far from it. The truth is, it has more in common with your cells than what you’ll find coming out of your tap. It is exactly the KIND of water that your body spends hours converting regular tap water INTO! It is more viscous, more saline, more oxygenated, more structured and alkaline than any other mineral water on the planet, and it has the capacity to instantly hydrate you like no other water can. On top of this it is smooth and thirst quenching to drink, with no saltiness. We consciously bottle at source and draw our water from a pristine, ancient underwater lake full of crystal and lime, right here in New Zealand.

Meet Veda Austin, Founder of Lemurian Springs


Veda is a mother, business owner, writer, artist, researcher and entrepreneur. She works closely alongside some of the top scientists in the field of water, and her desire to make a powerful difference in the world is obvious with the work she's doing. 

Her journey has not been an easy one. She was in a terrible car accident, suffering severe injuries. She was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis, and during one her many operations, surgeons found blood clots in her lungs.

Vedas dedication to helping others is her motivation. Her mother died of cancer 17 years ago, before she knew anything about the science of water structure. When she discovered new research about cancer not being able to survive in an alkaline, oxygenated environment, she found another area she could make a difference, knowing first hand what it is to lose a loved one to this disease. Her water is the perfect compliment to cancer patients choosing an alkaline diet as a natural cancer cure, but is also very beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy. In fact, Veda has literally given away hundreds of litres of water to help clients with cancer.  


It was this very water that inspired her to write her free eBook, 'The Youth Molecule.' and it was this very water that gave her the idea to teach mindfulness in schools through water science. She also gives public talks about her research and experience with waters responsiveness. To book her please get in touch via the contact page. 


Veda believes that we are all reflections of our thoughts and emotions, a literal ocean of moving energy. Lemurian Springs NZ, is a reflection of her commitment to your health and wellbeing. 


The Water Heroes Project is all about educating children about good nutrition and the importance of drinking more water. It strives to empower students with an understanding that the kind of water inside of them has the ability to change molecularly with positive and negative thought, encouraging them to adopt an ‘attitude of gratitude’. As the project evolves we intend to have a small selection of influential sports people and well known actors of whom will become part of the team. Our aim is to have the water available throughout NZ schools, ultimately helping Kiwi kids stay hydrated with better concentration levels.



Contrary to most belief systems, drinking 8 glasses of water is not necessarily going to hydrate you efficiently. It is not how MUCH water you drink, it is the KIND of water you drink.

Here’s the science -

Around the cell is something called an aquaporin. It acts like the gatekeeper of the cell, allowing only small molecular clusters of water though. Most water has large molecular clusters, meaning your body spends hours a day processing and vortexing that water so that it’s molecular clusters are small enough to enter the cell and hydrate you efficiently. Our water has naturally small molecular clusters, giving your cells instant energy and hydration.
Here in NZ we are blessed with safe drinking water, however most of that water is acidic because we live in a volcanic country. What many people don’t realise is that acidity within the body is one of the main causes of disease and obesity.
Lemurian Springs also has a high alkalinity of pH9.9 along with a tiny amount of dissolved Himalayan salt, making it the perfect compliment to the kind of water inside of you. Your blood is alkaline and can lead to serious issues if it turns acidic. Ever wondered why you are hydrated in hospital with saline water? It's because natural salt gives you energy and minerals necessary for life. No other bottled water is created specifically to match the KIND of water inside you. You don't taste the salt but it makes a huge difference.



What our customers are saying about;

Our alkaline mineral water


“Best hangover cure ever!" (John, Christchurch) 

“Fabulous water for detox, couldn't believe just how fast it worked" (Wendy, BOP)

“Tastes so pure, I'm totally addicted. I'd been constipated for a week, one bottle of this and what a relief!" (Anon, Warkworth)

“After drinking a bottle a day for a week my skin is glowing, I have no more headaches, I have so much energy, love it!" (Kate, Matakana)

“I cant believe how much weights dropped off me since drinking this water regularly. I've tried so many diets, but this amazing water has managed to do what no diet has ever done, plus my skins looking the best it's ever looked!" (Laura, Auckland)

“I drank a bottle of alkaline water, went to the toilet, and heard something ping..it was a kidney stone! I couldn't believe it, totally hooked" (Dino, Wellington)

“I had brain surgery approx. 4 years ago, after which I put on 30 kilos over 4 years. I was frustrated because I was unable to exercise as much as I needed due to doctors orders. After being introduced to this Alkaline water, I started taking it in late November 2013. Its now March 2014, and I'm 20 kilos lighter!! I also feel brighter, less sluggish, and even my skin tone has improved. I recommend it to all my friends. I get a real kick when I see people out in the street with a bottle of this magic water in hand, and feel an instant connection. (Donna, Rodney)

“I lost 4kgs in the 1st week! I couldn't believe it" (Ange, Auckland)

“My libido has improved and my husband is a very happy man" (Rachel, Tauranga)

“ My son had terrible acne, a week on this water and his skin majorly improved" (Jill, Mangere)

“My wedding was a month away and I wanted to look my best. It came highly recommended by a friend. I regularly drank it and after a week everyone started asking what I was using on my skin, they said I was glowing. Even my hair and nails became stronger. It's sooo addictive because the results are so good." (Libby, Whangarei)

Our Indian Red Rose & Orange Blossom face & body sprays

“The Orange Blossom facial spray has faded the scar on my chest and improved my skin tone, plus it smells divine” (Debbie, Nelson)

“Overnight I noticed a huge improvement in my daughters eczema” (Emma, Auckland)“My shavers rash has been annihilated!” (Dan, Muriwai)

“My menopausal hot flushes are much more manageable thanks to the spray, plus I smell amazing every time I use it!” (Donna, Thames)

“I had a mole on my hand that was going to need to be removed by the doctor. Within 3 days of spraying the rose water on it and letting it soak in, the mole had halved in size and disappeared within a week.” (Kate, Matakana)

“O my God, I'm addicted! This is the best after sun care I've EVER used. I was soooo sunburnt and after using the Indian Red Rose spray it instantly relieved the pain and the next day the redness had practically disappeared!” (Linda, One Tree Hill)

“Best anti frizz ever! I swear I don’t know exactly how it works, but I've been spraying it all through my hair before blowdrying and my hair has never looked better…in fact it seems to now have an iridescence about it. I've never had more compliments about my hair and skin in my life” (Maria, Omaha)

“After 3 days of spaying the Indian Red Rose on my sons school sores, the scabs came off and the skin underneath was completely healed! I couldn’t believe it” ( Emily, Auckland)

“I had a pounding headache and it almost instantly relieved it with one spray” (Danny, Hamilton)

“Everyone should have a bottle, amazing stuff, seems to fix everything from headaches to chickenpox scabs!” ( Olli, West Auckland)

“Amazing aura cleanser, love the Orange Blossom!” (Issy, Mt Manganui)

“Perfect summertime refresher – every beach bag should have some. It soothes sunburn, heals bug bites, relieves tension and smells great!” ( Brendon, Tauranga)

“The rose spray cured my daughters ear infection in 8 minutes, I'd tried so many things, but after spraying it in her ear and waiting a few minutes, I saw her transform from being in pain, to her telling me she was all better. Its been a week and it hasn't occurred!” ( Tanya, Rodney)

“I cant recommend this product high enough, I use it several times a day, every day and everyone keeps asking me if I've had 'work' done on my face . I have got all my friends onto this amazing spray!!" (Belinda, Wellington)

“When I first ever met my husband he said I smelt amazing....I had just used the Indian Red Rose spray, and he still loves it to this day, and I wouldn't be without it" (Samantha, Christchurch)

Our Colloidal Silver Spray

 “Best Coloidal Silver I've ever used. It dealt to my cold virtually over night! ( Mark, Auckland)

"Love it! Since spraying it on my eczema twice daily, my skin is back to normal and I'm not scratching anymore" ( Emily, Auckland)

"I sprayed it on my dogs cut, and it healed in 3 days! Great stuff! I love that it's totally natural and easy to use" (Breanna, Taupo)

"I put some into an eye dropper and put drops in my daughters eyes when she had conjunctivitis, it cleared them overnight!" (Nelly, Whangarei)

"I spray it in my mouth daily and swear by it for boosting my immune system" (Anne, St Heliers)

"t makes a great antibacterial face tonic. I spray it on daily and it really helps keep stubborn acne at bay" ( Maddison, Mt Eden)

"s soon as I feel a sore throat coming on, I spray it in both my ears as well as in my mouth. I swear by it" ( Nat, Hamilton)

"Best thing for cuts and scratches, heals them in no time" (Thomas, Grey Lynn)

"Here are a lot of Colloidal Silvers out there, but I think this is by far the best and most potent. I use it on the kids when they get cuts and grazes, I spray in the cats water bowl, I even spray it on the plants to help get rid of aphids. Amazing!" (Anika, Auckland)

"I'm a flight attendant, and when you fly a lot you can get a little paranoid about catching a virus from circulating air conditioning. By having this colloidal silver on hand I readily use it as a barrier to deter the germs before they take hold. I just spray it in my mouth regularly and I haven't caught a cold since" (Vanessa, Canada)

Day & Night moisturiser 

"This is delicious to use. Not only that, but it took me by surprise with its effectiveness. For months I have had a little scaly mark on my neck, no doubt from the sun.  I had tried applying lashings of Vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera - nothing seemed to make a difference. But within a few days of trying this cream it has all but disappeared." (Trudy, Auckland)

"MG, this is sooo good. My skin is looking amazing and I keep getting compliments on it. I use it in conjunction with my Rose Face and Body Mist. I totally swear by it. Thanks Lemurian Springs!!" (Tanya, Rosehill)

"Smells amazing, and works a treat" (Kim, Australia)

"This gorgeous smelling cream has lightened my freckles and evened out my skin tone. Lovin it" (Fiona, Wellington)

"My problem skin in now problem free. I was given a rose spay as well as the moisturising cream as a gift. What a powerful combo!" (Louise, USA)

"A MUST TRY! I'm hooked! My skin is glowing" (Claudette, Auckland)

"The perfect gift. Not only does it smell amazing, but it works!" (Wendy, Rodney)

"After 2 days the dry patch on my cheek disappeared" (Lee, Wellington)

"I've been using it under my eyes, as well as my face. I highly recommend it. No more bags!!" (Andrea, Kaitaia)